Text by Kee | Photos by Tak Sugita
Divas’ Dream Eleganza high jewellery necklace in white gold with emeralds and diamonds (Bulgari)
Divas’ Dream Bellezza high jewellery necklace and bracelet in pink gold with mother-of-pearl and diamonds (Bulgari)
Divas’ Dream Eleganza high jewellery necklace in white gold with emeralds and diamonds; and Gemme Principesche high jewellery ring in platinum with blue sapphire and diamonds (Bulgari)
Colour Treasures Extravaganza high jewellery earrings in yellow and pink gold with amethysts, rubellites, briolette, amethyst beads, and diamonds; and Colour Treasures Extravaganza high jewellery necklace in pink gold with amethysts, rubellites, tourmalines, and diamonds (Bulgari)
Parentesi high jewellery necklace in white gold with grey motherof- pearl and diamonds; and python skin Cocktail clutch with enamel and onyx snake head tassel closure (Bulgari)
Parentesi high jewellery necklace in white gold with grey motherof- pearl and diamonds; and python skin Cocktail clutch with enamel and onyx snake head tassel closure (Bulgari)
Fiore Ingenuo high jewellery necklace in platinum with diamonds and rubies; Fiore Ingenuo ring in white gold with rubies and diamonds; and Serpenti Inspirations high jewellery bracelet in white gold with a rubellite, pink tourmalines, emeralds, and diamonds (Bulgari)
Divas’ Dream Bellezza high jewellery bracelet in pink gold with mother-of-pearl and diamonds (Bulgari)
Serpenti Inspirations high jewellery sautoir necklace in pink gold with malachites and diamonds; Serpenti Inspirations high jewellery cuff bracelet in pink gold with malachites and diamonds; and brushed metallic calfskin leather Serpenti Minauderie clutch (Bulgari)
Serpenti Seduttori high jewellery necklace in platinum with diamonds and rubies; and brushed metallic calfskin leather Serpenti Minauderie clutch (Bulgari)

If last names were attached with a value in the world of fashion, then this 19-year-old is bestowed with one that’s the equivalent of an American Express Black Card. She is the half-sister of Kate (yes, that one).
So, no pressure really when she chose to embark on modelling career. But if her early score card already includes repping for celebrated jeweller Bulgari, then she might be in for a ride of a lifetime.

Lottie Moss doesn’t name drop her sister Kate as much as the rest of us do. The only way to explain this so-called phenomenon on our end is that the fashion and pop culture worlds have yet to come to grips about a second coming of a Moss, a precocious blonde-haired millennial version who was first discovered in the role of a bridesmaid at said sibling’s wedding only a few years ago. Her fast track into the spotlight is perhaps also inevitable after signing on to big-name backers-slash-modelling agencies Storm and The Society, who are scouting for the post-Kendall generation of influencers who are easy on the eyes and follower-rich on social media. The younger Moss fits that star billing easy; she is learning fast and without airs about starting from the ground up. That said, many forget that she is still a teenager who is coming of age in the public eye like others before her – many of whom have fallen off the rails due to misguided company. While the tabloids would have you believe she is toeing the line, her work speaks otherwise. She scored her first big campaign last year when Bulgari engaged her to become their accessories spokeswoman, her first major nod from a high-end luxury house and a timely coup for Bulgari’s pitch to the next gen. If we chart the popularity of social media-savvy models in the last few years, Moss’ shot in disrupting the cycle now seems extremely probable. Cara Delevingne relinquished her It model crown to Kendall Jenner before Gigi and Bella Hadid staked their claim for the top spot too. Meanwhile, Moss is already making front row and red carpet appearances at major fashion shows and film festivals, a good sign that she’s on to something big, Moss-level big.

MANIFESTO: You were only 13 when you took part in your first test shoot. Was modelling something you’ve always had in mind as a career?

LOTTIE MOSS: No, I had no idea it was an option until I was discovered at my sister’s wedding.

M: When you were growing up, did you understand a lot of what was going on around you (i.e. the glamour, the parties, the fashion weeks)?

LM: That wasn’t really my life, I don’t think. I lived a pretty normal life until I started doing some modelling jobs at 16, and then I really became committed after my French Vogue cover at 18, shot by Mario Testino.

M: How important was finishing school for you? Was it a caveat to finish studying prior to modelling?

LM: I’m very happy I finished school, but even happier to be doing a job I LOVE now.

M: What was the first thing on your mind when Bulgari called?

LM: “Wow! How lucky am I? I can’t believe this is happening!”

M: Who was the first person you shared this bit of news with?

LM: My mom, she is my biggest fan and the first person I share all my news with.

M: Not every girl at the age of 18 scores a Bulgari ambassadorship of any kind. Which aspects of the brand or their characteristic do you resonate with?

LM: I love the style and history behind the brand. It represents pure elegance, and I love that I now will get to continue to grow up with Bulgari in my own life.

M: What was your first impression or memory of Bulgari? And having spent some time understanding it better, what is your impression of it today?

LM: My first impression of Bulgari was being a kid and pressing my face to their store windows, completely in awe of the elegant jewellery and dreaming what it would be like to wear them. I still have a similar feeling, but now I actually get to wear everything and be a part of the family!

M: What was the most surprising thing you learnt about jewellery?

LM: The attention to detail and pure mastery that goes into every piece.

M: Describe a normal day for you now.

LM: That’s literally the hardest question ever, but one of the many reasons I love my job is because every day is an unpredictable adventure!

M: What is an ideal weekend?

LM: Weekends tend to come in the middle of the week for this job, but I mostly like to spend time with family and friends whenever I have time off.

M: You’ve got to have a thick skin being in this industry. Do you still have moments of doubts about your place in this industry even after you’ve covered the fashion week circuit?

LM: I feel very confident in who I am – thanks to my mom – and I think you need to be that way in this job. We are all different and that is beautiful!

M: Do you Google yourself or ever had the temptation to?

LM: That is a door I try not to open. I don’t think it’s a positive thing to do.

M: You’re rather active on social media. How much of what we see is the real Lottie?

LM: I try to be very authentic and have fun with it.

M: And do you read all the comments on social media?

LM: No. With that said, I do like to engage with my fans as I am very lucky to have them.

M: What is your guilty pleasure?

LM: Pasta! Love it but in moderation!

M: If we were to look inside your handbag on any given day, what are we likely to find every time?

LM: Make-up. Lots of it. I love beauty products and have so much fun playing around with everything!

M: Tell us one thing about yourself that not many people know.

LM: Not sure it is such a secret anymore, but I am beyond obsessed with sloths. They are the cutest creatures on earth!

M: If you had a choice to meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

LM: Coco Chanel – I would want to sit with her all day and just listen to her stories.

M: What would you like to be remembered for?

LM: I think I’m a little young for this question, but I want to keep growing and appreciating every opportunity I get. I am very lucky.


Fashion Director: Jonathan Yee
Hair: Deil Siu
Make-up: Vinci Kwan
Clothing courtesy of Gucci, Valentino, Céline and Christian Dior

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