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ALL THE RAGE: Roger Dubuis x Lamborghini wristwatches
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Roger Dubuis
'Excalibur Aventador S Yellow' with a carbon case
'Excalibur Aventador S Orange' with a carbon case
'Excalibur Aventador S Orange' with a carbon case
'Excalibur Aventador S Yellow' with a carbon case

Two creators of the coolest things money can buy – Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini – have co-developed a trio of limited production mechanical wristwatches based on the Aventador S supercar’s engine. To no one’s surprise, they have created one of the coolest things money can buy.

We’re trying to figure out where the other logo is on this mechanical marketed as a crossover project between legit watchmaker Roger Dubuis and the cause of a motorhead’s wet dream Lamborghini. Maybe there’s a mark carefully located on the bridge or a Taurus logo engraved on the inner flange? After all, we’ve been trained to accept that all crossovers should look as obvious as any product in a Supreme and Louis Vuitton collab. “There isn’t one,” confirms Gregory Bruttin, the madcap genius in-charge of everything under the hood of a Roger Dubuis wristwatch and the so-called successor of the late Monsieur Dubuis’ legacy. Err, sure. But this isn’t how a partnership is supposed to work, which we explained to him at the Asian launch of this partnership. He adds, “In the beginning, Lamborghini only came for the design of the watch. But soon it developed to different areas like the carbon development. We went to meet their engineers to talk about the material. They asked which type of carbon we were using and we gave them the industry’s standard formula and they said, ‘Ah, it is good carbon but not the best.’ So, they gave us a new formula and the results you see here are better in terms of resistance and manufacturing.” While this still doesn’t answer the question entirely, motorheads might have figured out Lamborghini’s involvement with a quick glance of the dial and exposed movement. The X-shaped engine bridge is a dead giveaway of the V12 engine, along with stripes and the dog tag-shaped metal block. The Swiss watchmaker created an entirely new heartbeat based off the uber-expensive and complex Quatour RD101 movement launched in 2013 (the wristwatch costs more than US$1 million), which you might remember for pioneering the idea of four sprung balances positioned at an angle (the idea is to distribute the ill effects of gravity across the board to distill a more accurate reading of the time). With the new Excalibur Aventador S, the freshly minted Duotor is an “evolved” version, using two sprung balances to achieve the same goals of having a more accurate and reliable safeguard of its timekeeping. Bruttin even credited the pair of inclined sprung balances as looking like wheels of the vehicle. “For us, it was important to find the best partner. We took one year to find them. Clearly, Lamborghini is the best one for us. We have the same customers, same design codes – it is perfect. We are very happy and lucky to have met them.” We guess that’s how most love stories begin too.

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