Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Dior
Dior x KAWS "BFF" sculpture
Dior x KAWS "BFF" sculpture
Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss

Paris Men’s Fashion Week is all about making an impression. The Dior Men show certainly did, as guests entered the arena greeted by an enormous 10-metre tall sculpture made of a beautiful assortment of flowers. Designed by the eclectic New York artist KAWS, the aptly named BFF sculpture sports signature crossed-out eyes, hybrid cartoon and human features as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the brand’s founder Monsieur Christian Dior. BFF, the star of the show, effortlessly graced the Dior Men catwalk where Kim Jones also made his debut first collection for Dior. Consisting of a stunning 70,000 flowers, with peonies for the head, hands and feet, and roses for the eyes and suit, the oversized statue is perfectly supported with wood and polystyrene on a base made of moss. Under the summer sun, BFF was basked in a brilliant shade of pink that was a sight to behold amongst the star-studded audience including the likes of Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Robert Pattinson. The statue, quite curiously, is also holding a Bobby bottle on its left paw, a perfume bottle inspired by Christian Dior’s beloved dog Bobby. Standing 1.77 metres high, the Bobby-shaped bottle is made of delicately crafted 3D-printed resin, capped off with a white-painted finish. Placed on the Christian Dior-inspired sculpture, it serves as the perfect companion and the BFF to this BFF, so to speak. This incredible set, located at the central Paris barracks of the Garde Republicaine, required around 100 people worth of manpower, over four days to construct and one day to take down. The effort certainly reaped its rewards: It made an already beautiful venue, matted with a grey canvas, black scaffolding seating, and an overhanging sky roof over 30-metre in diameter into something truly memorable that will have a lasting impression for quite some time.



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